Company Law / M&A / Private Equity

Our expertise

We are experienced in all types of businesses, from international groups to SMBs. We assist them and their managers in all their corporate needs at each stage of their development. We pride ourselves on our contractual technique and on our sharp M&A, private equity, company law, and counsel-to-management skills.

What we do


- Counsel to sellers: We collect information on candidates, we draw up, negotiate, and review non-disclosure agreements, letters of intent, share purchase and representations & warranties agreements and the related schedules, we prepare and organize data rooms, and we generally advise sellers on all legal and tax matters.

- Counsel to buyers: We draw up and negotiate letters of intent and share purchase and shareholders’ agreements, we carry out the legal due diligence (including labour and tax audits), we help buyers to define and set up acquisition and financing schemes, and we help them to negotiate the legal documentation.

Private equity

- Venture capital: We help clients to design legal and financial schemes, we draw up and negotiate investment agreements and shareholders’ agreements, and we prepare all corporate documentation.

- LBOs: We help clients to structure their offers and to set up financing schemes, we carry out the legal due diligence, we draw up share purchase, shareholders’, and management package agreements, we set up investment schemes for managerial employees, and we help clients to negotiate the legal documentation.

Company law

- In coordination with the management and/or parent companies, we take care of the corporate legal paperwork of client companies (including the French subsidiaries of foreign groups), both for their regular operations (approval of accounts, appointment or renewal of managers, etc.) and their exceptional transactions (capital increases, admission of new shareholders, mergers, split-ups, spin-offs, etc.)

- We provide advice and assistance in shareholder disputes and complex M&A litigation.

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Among our files


- Counsel to the sellers of a leading French publishing group

- Counsel to an international pharmaceutical group for the sale of its generics division to one of the world’s leading companies

- Counsel to the sellers of a mineral water business acquired by a foreign group

- Counsel to the majority shareholder for the sale, opposed by the minority shareholder, of a pharmaceutical group specializing in drug deliver

- Counsel to a German company, world leader in the chemicals branch, for the acquisition of a French company and its reorganization as a joint venture

- Counsel to one of the world’s leading bicycle manufacturers for the sale of its business to an investment fund


- Counsel to numerous investors and investment funds involved in LBO operations for more than two decades

- Counsel to management and especially to management teams involved in numerous secondary LBOs

Start-ups and capital development

- Counsel to founders/managers, business angels, and investors setting up or expanding their business (embedded telecommunication systems, software for the sports sector, distribution in the luxury industry, etc.)

Shareholder disputes

- Counsel to a leading French film distributor for the takeover of two companies following a management dispute

- Counsel to the majority or minority shareholders of numerous SMBs mired in shareholder disputes (often involving managers and/or employees)

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