Our expertise

Labour law is a continually evolving field and our lawyers are constantly tracking changes in order to assist our clients with all employment issues and represent them in individual and collective labour disputes with up-to-the-minute legal knowledge. We are also involved in helping the labour world adapt to NICT as well as to ever-heavier compliance requirements. Because our clientele includes both French companies and foreign businesses, we have developed a special set of skills with regard to the needs of foreign undertakings in France as well as specific expertise in the field of international mobility.

What we do

- We draw up employment contracts and any special clauses required (non-compete, job security, optimization of severance situations, mobility, variable remuneration, working time, delegation, etc.).

- We implement regulations relating to working time and draw up the related company-level collective agreements.

- We follow relations with elected staff representatives: we prepare meetings, assist with collective negotiations, draw up company-level collective agreements.

- We conduct strike-related litigation and negotiations, we help employers to organize workplace elections, we represent managers accused of obstructing the work of employees’ representatives before the criminal courts.

- We monitor the impact of new technologies on individual and collective relations: cyber-surveillance, biometrics, geo-localization, intranet, electronic voting, relations with the CNIL.

- We monitor the relationship between labour law and IP (employee inventions etc.).

- We organize the expatriation/impatriation of employees, set up outsourcing and offshore solutions.

- We organize the expatriation/impatriation of employees, set up outsourcing and offshore solutions.

- We provide advice and assistance in matters of disciplinary law, draw up company rules, implement disciplinary procedures.

- We provide advice and assistance in discrimination and harassment cases.

- We implement individual and mass dismissal procedures: termination agreements, settlement agreements (including the tax and social security treatment of compensation), severance plans (PSE), special procedures for protected employees, special litigation before the civil courts.

- We provide advice and assistance in litigation against the URSSAF.

- We advise clients on the consequences of accidents at work (delegation, criminal and social security litigation).

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Among our files

- Implementation of reorganization plans for several major industrial groups (managing the preparation of the dossier, drawing up memorandums and the severance plans, designing accompanying measures and voluntary retirement/resignation schemes)

- Review of the organization of working time in order to adapt it to the frequent legislative changes in the field

- Auditing of individual and collective labour relations: assessment, risk identification, and optimization and adaptation proposals

- Assistance with negotiations for the recruitment or dismissal/retirement/resignation of employees, especially managers and managerial employees (resolution of cases where salaried employees double as company officers)

- Setting-up of expatriation schemes

- Representation before the labour courts (first instance and appeal) and any other jurisdictions in matters of employment regulations and national insurance

- Regular participation in management round tables on human resources management strategies, the international reorganization of the HR position, job and career management, compliance and legal certainty as regards employment relationships

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