Commercial Litigation

Our expertise

Our expertise covers all disputes liable to arise when doing business in France and abroad. Our lawyers will use their comprehensive knowledge of the rules of civil and commercial procedure (especially for interim relief and enforcement) to identify and pursue the course of action best suited to the interests of clients, including amicable dispute resolution solutions. When dealing with complex litigation involving foreign courts or foreign law, we can count on the legal experts from worldwide networks PLG – International Lawyers and INBLF for support.

What we do

- We trace and secure evidence (e.g. electronic evidence) by having it recorded by a bailiff.

- We petition the courts for fact-finding measures, such as judicial expert appraisals.

- We conduct proceedings in urgent matters, e.g. in matters of comparative advertising, infringement, construction, customs, etc.

- We use alternative methods of conflict resolution (such as mediation and conciliation), conducted either independently or under the aegis of specialized mediation and arbitration centres such as the CMAP in Paris.

- We represent clients before the civil, commercial, criminal, and administrative courts.

- We assist clients before the French specialized administrative institutions: Autorité de la concurrence, Commission de conciliation et d'expertise douanière, Comité du contentieux fiscal, douanier, et des changes, ANSM, etc.

- We assist clients in pre-contractual and contractual relationships and at the pre-litigation and litigation stages, we draw up and negotiate settlement agreements.

- We enforce debt collection (attachment of funds in bank accounts, levy of execution on tangible personal property, mortgages, attachment of wages under execution) and assist creditors whose debtors are undergoing bankruptcy proceedings.

- We secure the enforcement of foreign judgments in France and co-ordinate proceedings for the recognition and enforcement of French judgments abroad.

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Among our files

Distribution and competition

- Litigation relating to the performance and termination of commercial contracts (including the sudden termination of established business relationships) and unfair competition (solicitation, parasitism, etc.)

- Litigation conducted before multiple authorities (commercial and criminal courts, Autorité de la concurrence) due to a dispute between two sales promotion companies involving unfair competition and abuse of dominant position claims

- Counsel to a leading bicycle manufacturer before the Conseil de la concurrence

Industrial risk and liability / Insurance

- Litigation arising from dysfunctional co-generation facilities

- IT litigation against a Dutch publisher of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software


- Litigation relating to copyright, trademarks, and designs, including proceedings for the purpose of seizing evidence of infringement and proceedings on the merits for the purpose of seeking redress

- Litigation against an Indian group on the grounds that they used undue influence to procure trade secrets

Life sciences

- Litigation on behalf of pharmaceutical companies under the French anti-benefits “DMOS” act regulating relations between businesses and the medical profession, comparative advertising litigation

- Litigation relating to co-development partnerships

Distressed companies

- Litigation following the opening of judicial liquidation proceedings against an airline company: breach of the sale plan and liability action against the former managers on grounds of mismanagement

- Litigation relating to actions in rem with respect to industrial equipment sold under a retention-of-title clause

- Litigation relating to subcontractors in the automotive industry benefiting from bankruptcy proceedings

Real property

- Litigation in matters of lease renewals and contractual enforcement

- Construction litigation

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2017: 2nd place (“Trophée d’Argent”) for “Best Specialist Team”