Lmt Avocats honoured at the French legal awards

Lmt Avocats twice honoured at the 17th “Trophées du droit” legal awards


1st place (“Trophée d'or”) for “Best Specialist Team” in the Life Sciences category

The 1st place recognizes excellence in the legal field during the past year.
Lmt Avocats, who came in at 2nd place five years running, was awarded the 1st place in 2017, crowning a year packed with emblematic Life Sciences cases.

2nd place (“Trophée d'argent”) for “Best Specialist Team” in the Commercial Litigation category


These awards recognize the deep involvement of Lmt Avocats’ teams and the highly developed procedural and legal skills they apply to strategies and cases.

We would like to thank our clients for their confidence and loyalty, our teams for their involvement, inventiveness, and enthusiasm, and Leaders League for their relevant approach to the legal world.