Industrial Risk and Liability / Insurance

Our expertise

We have a twofold approach to all three fields, both technical and legal, in order to ensure that the best interests of clients are taken into account. This applies not only to court proceedings after a claim has arisen but also to the negotiation of the underlying contracts in order to identify and prevent potential risks and conflicts and their consequences. We also follow a global approach when assessing exposure in order to determine the insurance coverage required accurately. Our team, which also includes insurance law experts, help clients to negotiate and draw up the necessary documentation.

What we do

- We analyze contracts and we develop legal (including procedural) strategies.

- We analyze insurance policies (liability and indemnity insurance, builder’s risk insurance, etc.).

- We assist clients throughout all expert appraisal proceedings (liaising between judicial experts and the technicians and lawyers of client companies, optimizing the presentation of technical arguments, etc.) and we draw up statements to the experts.

- We conduct negotiations during or following expert appraisals.

- We represent businesses before the civil, commercial, administrative, and arbitration courts.

- We represent company managers and/or their authorized representatives before the criminal courts.

- We conduct inexcusable fault proceedings before the courts in charge of social security matters (TASS).

- We counsel clients in matters of decennial and contractual liability and of excessive construction-related disturbances.

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Among our files


- Air crash litigation


- Multiparty judicial expert appraisal proceedings following the incorporation of an allegedly defective component in a motor

- Counsel to a leading parts supplier and their insurer involved in amicable negotiations after being sued for the alleged malfunction of an electronic component


- Litigation following incidents (mainly fires) in chemical plants leading to production stops


- Judicial expert appraisal proceedings and litigation following the appearance of defects on public or private works (corrosion, coatings, etc.)

Electronics and high tech

- Counsel to various industrial companies, especially foreign (Germany, Japan, Sweden, Italy, etc.), following the alleged malfunction of various components (fire detection installations, measuring equipment, LEDs, lamps, internet routers, fibre optics and cabling, blowers and heating systems, etc.)


- Counsel to an insurance company involved in litigation following delays and the partial termination of a woks procurement contract for a power station in Germany

- Solar panel litigation


- Counsel to the foreign insurer of the manufacturer of cruise ship motors sued after their motors sustained damage

- Counsel to suppliers of marine motor parts (injectors, reduction gears, etc.)

Life sciences

- Medical device litigation (breast implants, hip prostheses, intraocular lenses)

- Counsel to manufacturers of equipment for public and private hospitals (optical lasers, radiology and medical imaging apparatuses)


- Counsel to wagon keepers and their insurers following derailments

- Litigation relating to contamination of or by transported goods

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