Our expertise

We assist French and foreign businesses, company officers, shareholders, and private individuals alike with their day-to-day tax affairs as well as with their special operations, advising them and conducting litigation where appropriate or required. Our lawyers have developed a strong expertise in complex litigation cases and their comprehensive knowledge of business law and accountancy allows them to have a global perception of their clients’ expectations in order to suggest the most relevant solutions and ensure they are properly implemented.

What we do

For businesses:

- Definition of tax strategies for exceptional operations: reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions, transfers, etc.

- International taxation


- Company tax

- Tax litigation

For private individuals:

- Income tax, wealth tax

- Donations, successions

- Estate management

- International taxation: Income from securities, expatriation, etc.

- Tax litigation

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Among our files

- Group reorganizations, including the approval by the tax authorities of the transfer of tax losses carried forward

- Tax due diligence and advice to French and foreign groups seeking to set up leveraged investment structures

- Setting-up of real estate investment structures on behalf of French and foreign funds

- Assistance with the tax aspects of real estate outsourcing for a French industrial group

- Counsel to a German company merging the activities of its French subsidiary and of its French branch and seeking to set off former losses against upcoming profits

- Litigation relating to the issue of deducting the payment of royalties to a Luxembourgeois company

- Counsel to private individuals looking to acquire office space for the purpose of leasing it to their company

- Counsel to French companies regarding withholding tax on dividends paid out to a German retirement pension fund

- Validation of the impact, from a tax standpoint, of the merger of two associations in the medical field

- International successions comprising personal and real property in France

- Counsel to private individuals transferring their fiscal domicile abroad

- Review of the estate of a French private individual and tax optimization advice

- Counsel to various families and foreign companies acquiring real property in France

- Litigation following tax fraud complaints against company managers

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